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Anton Lorenz Vrba

... obtained in 1974 a B.Sc (Elec. Eng.) from the University of Pretoria. He pursued a career of R&D, manufacturing and construction project management

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My scietific phylosophy

I believe in that everything is explainable by the Maxwell equations, from galactic structures down to your consciousness; the key is the wave equation, the only mathematical formulation that describes motion and transport of energy. [read more]

Rethinking Geometry and Experience

The essay I submitted to the 2012 FQXi essay competition.

According to H. Poincaré, only the purport of physical laws (P) and the geometry (G) combined as a whole can describe nature (N). Equally well, the expression (N)=(G)+(P) symbolically describes the paradigm. Using the premise a universe as a whole cannot change its finite energy content, this essay questions the contemporary scientific paradigm by investigating the 19th century assumptions that defined (P) that have affected the 20th century choice of (G).

Sacrificing Einstein

einsr150 Why we must let go of a foundation of relativity
That is the question the author, Stuart Clark, addresses while reporting sciences quest to find an exception to the equivalence principle, that may lead to the fall of Einstein’s relativity theories.

This site aim is to find an alternate to Einstein’s theories. [read more]