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My scientific philosophy is:

I believe that everything is explainable by the Maxwell equations, from galactic structures down to your consciousness; the key is the wave equation, the only mathematical formulation that describes motion and transport of energy.


Special Relativity:

I do not believe in SR, the article Einstein’s Achilles Heel demonstrates conclusively why.

E=mc^2 or better E^2  = (mc^2)^2 +(\rho c)^2 I believe as correct

m^\prime = {m}/\sqrt{1 -v^2/c^2} I believe as correct.

That clocks tick slower when moving, as a result of a physical phenomena I believe as correct.

Time dilation I believe as incorrect.

Length contraction I believe as incorrect.

Therefore, the speed of light is not an universal constant

General Relativity:

I do not believe that GR is the correct gravity theory for following reasons:

"Black holes often shoot out jets of material perpendicular to their accretion disks". - NASA

“Black holes often shoot out jets of material perpendicular to their accretion disks”. – NASA

Nature has no singularities and one-way event horizons, therefore black holes cannot exist as postulated.

The correct gravity theory needs to predict galactic jets and explain accretion discs.

The rotation of galaxies cannot be modelled correctly with GR and dark matter needs to be invented instead of admitting the anomaly and putting a question mark against the theory.

The red shift of distant galaxies can have causes other than an expanding universe, the invention of dark energy to safe a theory is the easy way out.

Image courtesy NASA. read more


Quantum mechanics:

I believe in the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics, but not in the present formulation.

QM does not explain the packing order of electrons correctly correctly (i.e Chromium and Copper).

QM and gravity theory cannot be unified – after eighty years of trying the towel should be thrown and new theories looked at earnestly.

Field theory I believe as incorrect as the total energy of the universe cannot be altered when two bodies move towards each other under mutual attraction, be it of gravitational or electromagnetic origin.

String Theories

A brave attempt of academic crackpottery. No other theory has that many man-years of research booked against it, and exponentially increasing, with no concrete results other than money spinning popular books by a selected few.


Space is a medium or the playing field in which the electromagnetic phenomena can unfold; it is not an aether like a body of water through which we move as the early scientist thought.

Ultimately in this medium, the universe should be describable as one massive differential equation (sum of many wave equations) thus everything is entangled with everything else.

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