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vladimir Vladimir F. Tamari studied physics and art at the American University of Beirut where he met and was inspired by Buckminster Fuller (around 1960). He invented and built 3D drawing instruments. In the 1980’s he joined the Optical Society of America to keep up with the field and holds U.S. patents for inventions based on his Streamline Diffraction Theory to cancel diffraction in telescopes. Beautiful Universe: Towards Reconstructing Physics From New First Principles (2005) is referred to here. He paints in watercolors and has designed Arabic fonts for Adobe. He has lived in Tokyo for the past 40 years.



I particularly liked his essay he submitted to the FQXi 2012 Essay competition, the below illustration is extracted from his essay:



Fig. 1 Physics Building as seen by outsiders is a strange, ungainly, high maintenance structure parts of which are dangerously unstable. Red ‘columns’ show well-supported sections. It is impossible for example to go from GR to QM. It seems very unlikely that new floors can be added because the underlying structures were not designed to support anything new. As a desperate measure to bypass the problems attempts are made to build a mighty String castle in the clouds.


All artwork on this page is by Vladimir Tamari

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