Sacrificing Einstein

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Why we must let go of a foundation of relativity.

That is the question the author, Stuart Clark, addresses in the cover story “Differently equal” of the 19 January 2013  NewScientist edition, in which he reports sciences quest to find an exception to the equivalence principle .

Clark quotes Ben Gripaios of the University of Cambridge to explain  the reason for finding an exception,  “Any theory of quantum gravity must violate the equivalence principle at some level.”  He also points out that finding any difference in inertial and gravitational mass is a thorny issue as there are no theories or explanation to inertia; again quoting Gripaios, “We do not yet know how to define it. We know it must be related closely to mass, but until we can define it precisely and know how to measure it, there can be no theory for it.”

Video: Why mass has a split personality


The article, after discussing various related experiments and theories, concludes “… the deadlock remains until someone delivers, either an experiment that expresses the equivalence principle as a sham, or a theoretical idea that shows why it must be just so. But if in the end gravitational mass is indeed inertial just mass in another guise – whatever inertial mass is – then it will be the quantum theories of gravity, including string theories, that will find themselves laid upon the sacrificial altar. Paths to a theory of everything will become even more winding if gravity is not a force, but truly an illusion that springs from the warping of space, as described by general relativity …”


That the reputable magazine NewScientis should come out with this cover, is rather opportune to the launching of; the aim of this web site is to search for the underlying absolute reality that should explain the physical observed.

There are easier ways to falsify Einstein’s relativity theory than finding a difference in the inertial and gravitational masses.  The opening article of, Einstein’s Achilles Heel re-examines the Michelson-Morley experiment and demonstrates that the theory of special relativity  cannot  predict information content equally from any observational reference system, demonstrating that there is no need for costly experiments to chip away Einstein’s armour.

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